Grid trading course


         "Useful and instantly useable information right through the course."

Eddie A

         "I have traded many different markets over the past 10 years and I decided a few years ago to concentrate on trading in the Forex market. One of the methodologies I explored is Grid Trading, however finding an EA that is reliable and is accompanied by in depth training or support, is difficult.

The Grid Trading Course has provided an EA and the necessary training to be able to implement a profitable grid trading strategy. Instead of simply being handed an EA and told that it works, we have learned how to backtest to find suitable settings for various currency pairs, design a trading plan and deal with trades that are not going to plan. Jay is a patient and thorough instructor, who takes the time both during the webinars and on the forum, to answer questions and make sure that everyone who puts the time and effort into the homework and reviewing each lesson video, has an opportunity to be successful with their Grid Trading."

Kevin L.

         "This is the second time I've taken the course and it is still excellent value. I would recommend this course to others."

Ken K.

         "I believe this is one of the very few honest courses, no B.S., but difficult to understand. "

Ralph G.

         "Jay really knows the ins and outs of Grid trading and works hard and unselfishly to teach what he knows. Highly recommended!"

Jim K.


Robert R.

         "Jay has handed over a, "Virtual ATM Machine" by offering GRID ALGO EA to us. Would recommend this course to anyone!"

Ravichandar V.

         "Class is good. Need to spend lots of time determining settings."

Robert S.

         "The Grid Trading Course has not only given me wonderful profits, it has given me hope for the future. For the first time since I started trading around a decade ago, I can see myself as a successful forex trader! What a gift this is.

Jay is a wonderful and patient teacher who generously shares his vast knowledge and takes great joy in every success you make.

I feel so blessed and to say that I am grateful and excited, is like saying the ocean is a little wet!

If you are tired of repainting indicators, staring at your charts and watching your account being drained, if you tired of being filled with hope, only to be let down and you are ready to make a change that will turn all that around and put your success into your own hands... then Jay is your man and his GridTrading course is your answer!

Kind Regards, Angela"

         "An interesting trading system which needs some indepth studies to be very profitable as it can be."

Garnet J.

         "I have not been able to be present at all the sessions. But watching all the videos, I can say the course is excellent."

Eusebio N.

         "Great course Jay!"

Cynthia M.

         "Jay's Grid Trading Course and System is brilliant and is an excellent automated method for making Forex profits."

Ken K.

         "Course instruction is excellent and very informative"

Dan K.


Eamonn C.

         "Great Course"

Jeff H.

         "Haven't been able to attend all LIVE events, so really appreciate the video recordings. Good Job Jay and Co. "

Sheri M.

         "Jay is a great instructor and I learned a lot"

Dan K.

         "The GridAlgo course literally puts you in the driving seat of your trading vehicle teaching you what you need to be profitable"

Eddie A.

         "The quality of the webinar is very good and give clear sound and picture for students to get full benefit from the presentation"

Tom A.

         "9 out of 10 so far - best, most realistic & practical trading course I have done to date. Also best value for money around."

Arnold M.

         "Excellent course and resources to go with it."

Michael F.

         "This is a good course but you have to do the work if you want to make it work."

Dave K.

         " Great course, although I am somewhat wrestling to find the good setups"

Bernard L.

         "The grid trading course is excellent, I look forward to using the tool in the future"

George A.

         "I felt the course was aimed at the intermediate to advanced trader. It was delivered well."

Anthony M.

         "I think the course is great & Jay is a very good teacher."

Barbara F.

Trading on the forex markets has large potential risk. Past performances do not guarantee future results.


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